Discover new dimensions with BIG LEDUP! With a height of up to three meters and at five meters wide, the BIG LEDUP is not only the largest portable lighting box on the market, but its modular system facilitates a multitude of application and design options, utilizing just a few basic elements. And like all LEDUP products, BIG LEDUP is conveniently stowed in its hard-case and can be transported in any car and set up without tools. All system parts are available as spare parts.

profile with 120 mm depth

The system parts comprises high-end aluminium components. No tools are needed to assemble BIG LEDUP. Color coded guides intuitively lead you trhough teh assembly process. The patented spring ball system and carefully finished aluminium sections slide together effortlessly, transforming into an elegant, yet highly stable, illuminated frame. Two screws, inserted by hand, connect the frame to solid base elements. The fully round sewn silconkeder ensures wrinkle-free display oft he graphic.


no limits

A starter module gets you started in the BIG LEDUP world. Extension sets are available in different widths (50, 75, 85 and 100 centimeters) and maximize your options. You may choose between heights of 2.5 or 3 meters and twelve options in width, ranging from 2 to 5 meters. Simply insert the extension sets between the two starter modules (no tools required) to adapt your BIG LEDUP to any space requirement.


200x248/298 cm

Extension Set
100x248/298 cm

Extension Set
75x248/298 cm

Extension Set
50x248/298 cm

    250x248/298 cm
1x Start + 1x C
2x ABS hardcase
300x248/298 cm
1x Start + 1x A
2x hardcase
350x248/298 cm
1x Start + 1x A + 1x C
2x ABS hardcase
    375x248/298 cm
1x Start + 1x A + 1x B
2x ABS hardcase
425x248/298 cm
1x Start + 1x A + 1x B + 1x C
3x ABS hardcase
max. 500x248/298 cm
1x Start + 3x A
3x ABS hardcase

variable spaces

Discover the diverse variations of space concepts with BIG LEDUP. The solo unit is a powerful contender, while the combination of several units makes it unbeatable: combine multiple display units to create your desired wall length, or L- or U-shapes. Inspire your clients with ever-new versatility. Unique, varied space concepts are possible with just two starter modules and two extension sets. Both the 2,5 and 3 meter height units can also be reduced to 2 meters.


plug & play

You remove the parts from the practical ABS carrying case, install the disassembled frame on-site without tools, connect it with the plug-in transformer and DC socket and your display is ready for use.


LED illumination

BIG LEDUP displays benefits from both advanced static design and innovative Osram LED technology and features solid stability and wide-spectrum illumination, despite ist striking size. The new lens technology guarantees even and shadow-less illumination across the entire area.

true wireless

Plus, an innovative power connection inside the frame known as the Pogopin means that traditional cable connections have been rendered obsolete. Simply connect the two parts of the frame together and the power’s on – genius!

assembly without tools

Assemble BIG LEDUP quickly, anywhere you need it. The BIG LEDUP consists of just a few components and does not require tools nor significant strength for assembly, which facilitates quick and easy use. Simply remove the components from the convenient case, snap them together, screw on the bases – ready! Silicone Edge Graphic profiles are user friendly, easily unfold, interchangeable and are a nap to mount to display your message.

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product video

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ABS hardcase

Once packed in the handy ABS-cases, the BIG LEDUP is transformed to a length of only 1.2 meters, and so fits in any car. Multiple systems can be cost efficiently shipped on Euro pallets. Each part is numerically marked and thus finds the right spot in the foam cushioned, hard shell cases. At 28kg, BIG LEDUP, is very light. The cases are wheeled and have handles, making transport a breeze.



Use BIG LEDUP freestanding, as a single or double-sided LED lightbox for all kinds of advertising. Can be used as a backdrop, room divider, in the showroom or at the fair. Display for promotions, events etc.


Explore the BIG LEDUP Bridge designed specifically for frame sizes 100 x 200 cm, 100 x 230 cm, 100 x 248 cm, and 100 x 298 cm. This innovative solution allows seamless connections between multiple BIG LEDUP systems, providing expanded design possibilities for your visual presentations. Discover the flexibility and versatility of the BIG LEDUP Bridge for an impressive visual display!



With this innovative tool you can upgrade your exhibition stand according to the desired requirements by means of lockable booths. Whether you are looking for a unique stand design or just want more flexibility in customizing your stand, BIG LEDUP DOOR is the ideal solution. BIG LEDUP DOOR offers various assembly variants that are very easy to implement. This allows you to set up your exhibition stand in the shortest possible time and still have the freedom to adapt your design at any time.

System connector made of steel

With different metal system connectors inserted between the vertical systemcomponents, you can easily connect back panels in a variety of shapes. These accessories also alow you to create various shapes of back panels like L-, U-, T- , cross or star shape.


The system connector straight can be connected in no time several systems to any length, straight walls. The connector is inserted between the vertical system components and guarantees a stable connection between the systems.




With the system connector 90 degrees stable corner solutions can be created.




With the system connector cross - 4 LEDUP's can be connected to a cross display. 
This variant allows you a large advertising space in a small space.



With the system connector star - 3 LEDUP's can be connected to a cross display. 
This variant allows you a large advertising space in a small space.




With the system connector T LEDUP's can be connected to a T.




With the system connector T LEDUP's can be connected to a T.